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Family Physician

Doctor wearing white jacket and tie, explaining matters to a patient. Both sitting at a desk.

Assessment & Treatment

Your Family Physician is a:


  • First point of contact in assessing an undiagnosed health concern


  • Continuing care provider for many medical conditions without limitation to cause, diagnosis, organs, and body parts involved

  • Community-based specialist serving you regardless of gender, lifestyle choices, or disease complexity


  • Counselor and advisor regarding safe health behaviours, disease surveillance, and ongoing monitoring


You can expect your doctor to:


  • Record symptoms, perform examinations and order indicated testing for health concerns, and periodic health reviews


  • Assess and follow up on laboratory and diagnostic investigations


  • Navigate care with referral specialists on your behalf


  • Collaborate with surgeons, other physician specialists, hospitals, and rehabilitation services to provide community-based aftercare and long-term management

  • Maintain comprehensive records regarding your health

  • Provide care in the context of your family and community

770 6 Street SW, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4J6

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