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Joining as a Patient

We are currently NOT accepting new patients. Our practice is not open to patients under 16 years old. We do not prescribe narcotics (including Tylenol#3) except for active cancer pain and palliative care. We also do not provide continual benzodiazepine prescriptions (prescriptions ending in -pam, Ativan, Clonazepam, Xanax, etc).

Note that all visits are chaperoned.

Please note that we currently do not have a PCN Counsellor.

Requirements to Book Appointments

A unique email address for each person is required to register for the Medeo booking system.

If your dependent or partner has their own email account, use that address to register them for Medeo.

Otherwise, create a forwarding address in your email account (also known as an email alias). An alias is a unique email address for sending and receiving messages that is linked to a primary email account. Inbound messages sent to an email alias are received in the primary email account’s inbox. Messages sent from an alias show the alias name as the sender.

The process to create an email alias varies by email provider. Select an option below for more details:

For people who have difficulty using online technology but have a family member or trusted friend who would be willing to make arrangements for them, please check out the Medeo Care Circle feature.

If you are trying to book an appointment and have already registered, please check your email for correspondence from Ocean and Medeo.

Moving On?

If you have moved to a new Health Care Provider, please click here to let us know so that we can forward results that come our way, and make room for new patients in our office.

Copies of Your Chart

Retrieval of chart records prior to October 2021 has been contracted out to RSRS.

Transfer requests for newer records can be made to us from your new provider.

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