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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Sad dog face in cone collar.

Our practice is currently at capacity and we are not accepting new or prior patients who did not apply online between February 1 and August 31, 2021.

If you did submit an application but have not heard from us, please let us know.


Our Medeo booking system has a new feature that enables patients to allow a select group of other people to:

  • View their appointments in Medeo,

  • Participate in message threads with the patient and provider,

  • Join the Patient's video appointments with health care providers in Medeo.

This can be useful for caregivers and others who help you manage your health matters.


Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Tips on getting the most out of your Appointment.

Note: always check your email account two days before your appointment to see if there is an appointment confirmation request or if there are any outstanding forms to complete (from "Ocean").

There are three basic ways to have an appointment with us. The phone and video methods involve us initiating the visit. For in-office visits, please just have a seat in the waiting area.





  • There's nothing like meeeting face-to-face with your doctor. We can take measurements, such as blood presure, and physically examine an area of concern, if required.

  • Sometimes mandatory to monitor the effectiveness of treatents.

+Most thorough.

+Closest to on-time.

-Sitting in waiting

room with nothing

to do.


  • ​Allows you the freedom to stay at home or be on the move.

  • No chance to take measurements or physically examine a problem.

  • May trigger an in-office follow-up anyway.

+Avoids the waiting


-Can be up to two hours behind.


  • Virtually face-to-face.

  • Requires webcam set-up and waiting by the computer or having the phone camera on while waiting.

  • No chance of taking measurements or physically examining a problem.

  • In practice, the least satisfying experience for most patients.

+Can visually illustrate an issue, albeit in low resolution.

-Can be up to two hours behind.

-"Waiting Room" is completely empty.

-Technically difficult for patients to get microphone working.

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