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Primary Care Nurses

Nurse taking a patient's blood pressure.

Prevention & Management

Your Primary Care Nurse can help you prevent or achieve better control of:



  • Asthma/COPD/Emphysema


  • Chronic Pain


  • Diabetes and Pre-diabetes


  • High Blood Pressure


  • High Cholesterol


  • Quitting Smoking


  • Weight Management



You can expect your nurse to:


  • Provide a comprehensive health assessment including medical history, medications, labs, and present lifestyle

  • Offer patient-centered care through health coaching and case management of complex, chronic conditions

  • Provide ongoing follow-up care, in the clinic or by phone, to support you in reaching your goals

  • Support patients with stress management and emotional concerns

  • Work with your family physician and other multidisciplinary team members (dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, kinesiologists, and mental health therapists) to coordinate seamless care

  • Promote, refer and coordinate community resources

  • Offer basic nutrition counseling 

  • Assist with insulin starts and titration

  • Assist your physician with complex care planning

  • Coordinate hospital discharge follow-up.

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